How P2P Lending Works

IMM is an easy, convenient and hassle free lending/borrowing marketplace where Lenders and Borrowers interact directly and strike a deal amongst themselves.

Primarily, the Lenders and Borrowers interested in providing/seeking a loan, completes a simple application on IndiamoneyMart to lend or borrow as an Individual or as a Corporate member through this platform.

Next our platform uses the online data accessing technology to quickly determine the credit rating and risk factors of our applicants before enlisting them on our marketplace. Additionally, physical verification is also carried out to ensure that only authentic people participates on IMM.
Only those applicants, who satisfies our verification process will be registered as Lenders and Borrowers with IndiamoneyMart.
It's only after the approval, applicants can then see each other’s profile and identify their match and carry out transactions on IndiaMoneyMart e-lending platform..

Once a deal is struck, mutual agreements are automatically generated and subsequently the agreements are signed by Borrowers and Lenders under guidance of IMM.
The Lenders thereafter disburse the loan amounts and the Borrowers hands over the post-dated cheques to the Lenders who are involved in the deal.
This process helps the Lenders start earning interest on their investments and the Borrowers avail fast funding to meet their needs.

All the registered Lenders on IMM as an Individual or as a Corporate member can individually select on the loans that they want to lend.

As our entire process is conducted online, using cutting edge information technology, this lowers both ours and our Lender’s establishment costs. We pass this savings back to our registered Borrowers who then can borrow money at a lower rate of interest and yet provide substantial returns for our Lenders, who are investing through IMM e-lending platform.

Both Lenders and Borrowers can search listings and send requests to specific individuals on IndiamoneyMart, based on their information provided on our website.

The loan transaction is considered locked when the Borrowers receive the money from the Lenders in their accounts.

All necessary contractual documentations for the loans between the Lenders and the Borrowers on this platform are handled by IndiamoneyMart.